How do we do it?

Our volunteers are out 7 days a week delivering food to families in need, hot meals, shopping for senior citizens, therapy sessions, clothing, personal care items, bikes for work. We don’t do stigma and dislike red tape, if we can help, we will.
We provide mental health support via therapy sessions, food boxes, safety routes, financial aid for people faced with difficult situations.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic 

✓ We provided PPE to our Health Care workers, food and treats to say thank you.
✓ We feed hundreds of people every week, some who have been skipping meals to feed their children.
✓ We have helped survivors of domestic abuse get to safety
✓ Shopping to senior citizens
✓ Petrol for a chap whose dad passed away and he couldn’t afford to go to his funeral
✓ Personal care items and food to people who lost their jobs or are living in working poverty
✓ Face-masks to schools, community members and those who can’t afford them
✓ Therapy sessions for those in need, people who have been to other services where there is a long waiting list
✓ Treats for our NHS workers and other key workers to thank them for their service and show them we appreciate them